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All Conference Services and Conferencing Solutions for Business and Home

All Conference provides you with easy-to-follow information about various ways of distance communication either through phone lines or internet.

You’ll find guides and recommendations on how to choose best services for your home or business including conference calls, audio, video and web conferencing, online meetings and other conferencing solutions.


Conference Services

Investing in conferencing services is a serious and often costly decision and this website aims to serve you in saving money and time to research and find the right service for your needs.

The variety and possibilities of distance communication are endless, especially with broadband internet, wireless telephones and expanding satellite technology.

First, you’ll have to choose between conference call, audio, video or web conferencing, teleconferencing, web collaboration, online meeting services or any other conferencing solutions (not to mention getting the right equipment).

Second, all of these solutions have their own specialized services, depending on your needs and budget. You end with with hundreds of possible options.

No wonder you get confused in this maze of possibilities and end make making a wrong decision.

So How Can You Find The Right Solution? provides you with researched information of all conferencing services available for your business or family needs.

It is a comprehensive resource of today’s (and future) possibilities of distance communication. Conference calls, web conferencing and other services can be used in business meetings, medicine, consulting, legal and insurance industries, public relations, surveillance and security, family and friends online meetings, …

This conferencing technology with internet or just phone connection enables you to:

  • Eliminate travel time and save money
  • Improve productivity
  • Collaborate on business proposals in real time
  • Easily and instantly exchange information with your associates or family members
  • And more…

To find out what service is best your personal or business needs, is organized in main categories and related articles section.

A general guideline for your start is that conference calls, audio and teleconferences use mainly telephone connections and are therefore typically cheaper, while video and web conferencing services use internet connection and are usually more expensive solutions.